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About Us

With years of experience in the design industry (since 2000) and printing experience, this was the natural progression. As a God fearing, bible believing, Jesus christ loving person my road to this was opened and blessed.

Trinitys is an exciting new fully functional diverse printing and design company that has been given a vision to spread God's word through printing and design. We target a market that we think has been not fully provided for and we feel that it is time that we as God's children do something about - it is the time to stand up and be a witness. This is our ministry ... Our faith is in God

Trinitys provides a one-stop shop when it comes to printing and design.

Our objectives
To retail and supply our products and services across the nation
Be the leading supplier in our markets.
Achieve profitability within 3 months.
Design and implement strict financial controls to help ensure that the business expands and spreads the Word.
To always keep God in everything we do.

Our mission
Trinitys mission is to offer products and services that will shine a light into the darkness. We will always glorify God in our work

Other companies
Trinity Designs is our sister company (www.trinitydesigns.co.za). We have been in operation since 2007 and we live by our referrals as we offer one of the most affordable pricing structure for the work developed or designed. Please go to our website to view our references, current projects, specials and a whole lot more ...

We also own www.bizbe.co which is the most comprehensive and functional online business network globally and in history, catering for businesses, entrepreneurs, the public, professionals to market, trade, network, communicate, interact and a whole lot more on one singular business platform ...

Dedicated to my daughter Trinity and with all the glory to God

  John 5:39: You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me  
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