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We cater for all those small runs that you require ...
Example: need 20 shirts or 6 caps ... we can do that ... its our business
We negoitiate ... so speak to us ...


Unisex Dry Fit Polyester T-Shirt (140g)

Click here to view about the shirt
White or Light Colour Shirts
100% Polyester (excellent quality shirt)
Cost Per Shirt: 94.99
Colour Shirt Choice: White
Shirt Size:
80% Polyester (excellent quality shirt - print is duller than polyester)
Cost Per Shirt: R74.99
Colour Shirt Choice: White
Shirt Size:
Price includes the shirt, unless you want to supply the shirts, please contact us directly
Unisex Oxford Jacket

Click here to view more on the jacket
ZIP UP THIS AUTUMN in our unisex Oxford Jacket Made from 100% polyester oxford shell, with a water resistant PU coat, this jacket will be sure to keep you dry & warm this coming winter.

With many great features, as well as 5 great colours to choose from, the Oxford Jacket is great value for money!
Cost Per Shirt: R299.99
Colour Shirt Choice:
Shirt Size:
Price includes Jacket
Polyester Cotton Pillow Case

Click here to view
Pillow Case Information
Cost Per 2 Pillow Cases: R199.99
Colour Choice: White

Coming Soon
- Cotton T-shirts - Vinyl & Screen Printing
- Long Sleeve Unisex Shirts - 180g
- Vests - 160g
- Unisex Polo/golf Shirts - 195g
- Ladies Fitted Polo/Golf Shirts - 195g

- Unisex Hoodies
- Kiddies Crew Neck T-Shirts - 180g
- Kiddies Long Sleeve Shirts - 180g
- Kiddies Polo/Golf Shirts - 195g

To download the product list and pricng, please click here

Rubber Mouse Mats (2mm)
MM0 Price: R49.99 Quantity:
MMH0 Price: R39.99 Quantity:
MMR0 Price: R39.99 Quantity:

conference 11oz Premium Grade Mugs
M0 Price: R44.99 Quantity:
Coming Soon
Click here to
view explanation

11oz Colour Change Mugs
Imagine the fun you can have revealing the images underneath ...
Coming Soon
CCM0 Price: R99.99 Quantity:
conference 12oz Cone Mugs
CM0 Price: R79.99 Quantity:
conference 17oz Cone Mugs
CM170 Price: R84.99 Quantity:
conference 11oz Inner Colour Mugs
ICM0 Price: R54.99 Quantity:
Coming Soon
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view explanation

11oz Luminous Mugs
Imagine the fun you can have in the dark ...

Coming Soon
LM0 Price: R99.99 Quantity:


You can order direct via this website. We will invoice you directly.
Only printed upon confirmed orders. - Please View our terms of trade
Note: We use a process called Sublimation Printing
and/or vinyl printing
" All Prices are as is and exclude Shipping. " We do not charge VAT " We reserve the right to refuse any printing that conflict with our beliefs and faith. " Payment prior to delivery or upon invoice " Colours and prints may vary. " Please take note that any product sold is subject to the terms of the wholesalers and/or product produces. We will not be held responsible for any defects, or any problems that arise with the actual product. " Please take note of the conditions of sublimation printing and vinyl prints ... when it comes to washing and wear & tear ... " We can only print subject to availability of the products. " Pricing is subject to change at any time and we cannot inform everyone of the change, please check with the agent for an updated price list.

  As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace whoever renders service, as one who renders it by the strength which God supplies in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ  
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