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Terms of Trade

Upon entering our building, or using this website, you accept that we are God fearing, Bible believing, Jesus Christ worshiping people, employees and company.

You agree to do business our way and we reserve the right to turn business away that conflicts with our spirit.

You agree and accept that if we (the employees & the company) do not believe in something we do not have to proceed.

Please visit us, read or talk to us with the above in mind and accepting our beliefs ... you are most welcome.

If you are here to worship the Almighty God, Jesus Christ (the son of God) and the Holy Spirit ...
The doors are open to you ... and we will do business with you ...

Conditions of Business

Please read through carefully and sign your acceptance below. Thank you .

1. Goods can only be released on EFT deposits once the amount reflects in our bank account .
2. N o goods are to leave our premises without being paid for. This includes samples. Out of town customers are to please arrange their own couriers to collect once P.O.P. has been received and approved.
3. Due to the amount of cheque frauds, sorry but no cheques are accepted.
4. Due to the high cost of cash deposits, a ll cash deposits made into our account will incur a cash deposit fee at the current bank rate of the total value deposited .
5. O rders will be held for 7 working days . Thereafter, if not paid for will be returned to stock.
6. Garments that have been printed or embroidered or altered in any way cannot be accepted back. Please ensure that you are 100% happy with your garments befor e altering .
7. Unaltered r eturns will only be accepted back within 7 days of purchase , a discretionary 10% handling fee will be charged on the total value of goods returned. An invoice number must accompany all returns. No returns will be accepted after 1 month of purc hase. For all returns a credit note for future use will be issued, no refunds will be made.
8. All orders must be counted with a member of our staff either bef ore leaving our premises or at your own premises, before signing acceptance on your invoice. Once done, no discrepancies will be accepted. If you choose not to count the goods then you accept that you are receiving the correct quantity of goods.
9. Please note that our garments are 100% cotton & have been tested for quality standards. Any shrinkage will be within the accepted SABS standards as long as the washing instructions on the label are adhered to . Please note that we cannot be held responsible for incorrect washing of the garments. The golf shirts are subject to higher shrinkage than the t - shirts and your customers should be notified of that fact and in some cases it might be necessary to size up 1. Vic Bay garments conform to Apparel Wear and not Industrial Wear. Dark colors are not recommended for Industrial wear with exposure to chemicals and possible prolonged exposure to sunlight and perspiration.

  As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace whoever renders service, as one who renders it by the strength which God supplies in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ  
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